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After 10 years of experimentation and testing, FSC Flight Simulator Center has created what we identify as a "Self-supporting-technosystem" for training, entertainment and education applicable to the simulation of flight and airport ground traffic simulation and / or flight (ATC) interactive communication between the various areas of the simulator.

Unique in its kind in the world It is called IAMS (Interactive Airport Multiplatform Simulator).


IAMS with people



Composition of I.A.M.S.


The I.A.M.S. consists of a freestanding circular structure on 2- levels with two linear scales up / down.

At the base of the I.A.M.S. are positioned the flight simulators.


At the second floor It's positioned  the control tower with a 360° high-resolution graphics with details of some airports (they are developed on demand / needs).

The proper resolution for the control tower view is made with 123 monitors from 55 "1920x1080 flat screen LED all around 360°.

This way we get a view with about 40 channels of synchronized process for a total resolution of 78720x3240 pixels.

The high resolution and detail will allow the ATC to easily identify an object even if small (eg small plane, the animals of medium tonnage track, flock of birds at the end of the track instead of a Runaway about 2km away, assuming an average / long view of the tower).








The I.A.M.S. can be equipped with simulators in version Video projection with visual resolution of 5760x1080 pixels or 180° with versions Monitor with a resolution of 17920x1600 of 180°.

We can also have both versions (monitor and video projection) simultaneously.



IAMS sim with hostesses

IAMS atc entrance


Applications of I.A.M.S.



  • Entertainment at the highest emotional impact and training validity, low investment cost and high production efficiency.

  • Flight training for aspiring Pilots

  • Application of advanced teaching on how an airport works while in contact with pilots that are taking of , landing or handling on ground. All flight operations are regulated by "real" flight control.

  • Simulation of ATC and Flight Simulation interactive and connected (CTRL Pilots and flight "REALLY" audio-intercom connected).

  • Crew Coordination Training (co-pilots and flight attendants).

  • Recurrency training specific to the type of Cockpit.

  • Great attraction and Hi-Tech qualification in any location you install a IAMS  (shopping center, museum center, flight school or attraction centers).


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