FSC Flight Simulator Center is a branch of Professional Show s.p.a.
As happened in most cases for other companies, it was born from a personal passion for flight simulation coming from several people in Professional Show, for both teaching and entertainment purposes, with Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X and X-Plane.

Professional Show s.p.a. is a leading company in Italy, building turnkey solutions for professional TV studios and OB-VAN in High-Definition, from year 1982.
The company has about sixty employers and many of them are highly specialized engineers with a turnover of 31.000.000 Euro per year ( official for year 2007 ) .

During the last eighteen months, Professional Show has had several contacts with many companies busy with flight simulation, but we have discovered some lack of availability for professional products oriented to High-End systems. So we have said: why not propose ourselves in a new market, using the same philosophy oriented to quality, service, products availability, respect and consideration for customers, as we already do for Professional Video?

This is the why of FSC Flight Simulator Center:  we want to bring on the market a new way to… Fly.
Specialized high end products, only the best, with immediate availability and working without headaches.

Do you think this is too ambitious?
Professional Show has realized much more complex projects, apparently impossible to complete, but with final success and maximum degree of satisfaction for market and customers. The “Kapricorn” project, an HD Audio-Video database, used for News by TVs, is only one of them. FSC Flight Simulator Center is just one of them too, and it isn’t certainly one of the most difficult if compared to the previous.

FSC Flight Simulator Center has created a productive partnership with very important “Flight Simulator” people, with the purpose to improve, produce and sell high quality products, with the same quality service that has always featured Professional Show s.p.a.
This is possible thanks to the Professional Show’s capital and structures, given to FSC Flight Simulator Center, for research, development, production and commercialization purposes.
In addition to the products that we are developing in cooperation with Poldragonet from Poland, we are realizing the most complete Flight Simulator ever produced, with about 1TB (1000GB) of worldwide scenery, integrated into a 7 computer system, working with synchronized panoramic view, via WidevieW and Google Earth o Live Maps Microsoft.

Leonardo Girardi:

Amministratore Delegato della Professional Show s.p.a. che segue lo sviluppo tecnico e commerciale di questa nuova Business Unit. Potete mandare a lui qualsiasi e.mail di richiesta commerciale . Il suo lavoro sta' nel coordinamento della completa filiera produttiva , di collaudo e commercializzaizone fra le varie filiali Italiane a Padova , Milano e Roma e il reparto finanziario e d'investimento della Professional show s.p.a.

Luciano Napolitano / WidevieW:

A well known engineer in Flight Simulator environment. The software used to create the most complete, realistic and exciting simulator, with 6/8 synchronized views (WidevieW) on 57” HD LCD, plus one 57” monitor for satellite view via Google Earth (FS Earth), are from him. He is also responsible for general system optimization and integration, from fixing scenery conflicts.

Mauro Visentin:

Scenarist specialized in the creation of 3D objects and areas, as well as integration of the same with 3D mesh terrain at 0.50mt per pixel quality.

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