- From 1 December 2021, FSC products will be affected by an increase in the price to the public, due to higher raw material costs on the market. -

Training future pilots with FSC B737NG

Future pilots and airliner enthusiasts in Milan, the beautiful Italian city known all over the world for his fashion and business districts, now can fly a Full B737-800 Simulator, at an affordable price.
(www.flightsimcenter.eu) recently bought from Flight Simulator Center a Full B737NG Turnkey Simulator (cod.859188), monitor version.

Thanks to the research done listening for pilots and instructor needs and to the heavy testing performed at our headquarters, now the guys at flightsimcenter can offer to their customers a complete simulation experience.

From enthusiasts enjoying our exclusive and extremely detailed, photorealistic custom scenery, to instructors being able to re-create every possible plane-related failure in a realistic way, flightsimcenter can offer a remarkable, close-to-reality experience to every kind of customer.

Also, thanks to the trouble-free approach we offer to our customers, the Training Facility in Milan can operate the Simulator System easily, with no worries for maintenance or configuration issues.

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