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Saving our seas


Our commitment to environmental sustainability.





Human activities leave their mark on the planet, and our very existence depends on the planet’s good health.

Our group is committed to adopting, in its production activities, policies and actions aimed at drastically reducing the impact on the oceans and the environment around us.

In particular, we have provided to:

-Eliminate water bottles in external production and in OB-VAN assembly activities and simulators on site, replacing them with long-lasting aluminium bottles, paper cups and water dispensers.

-Improve the separation of materials in packaging to allow for more efficient recycling.

-Educate our employees and raise awareness among our suppliers to extend virtuous behaviour outside our group



In worksite activities such as construction and integration of OB-VANs and fixed installations, as well as in external event production, staff consume a large amount of water, usually packaged in plastic bottles.

In one year the total is tens of thousands of bottles, which are used only once, generating a huge amount of waste.

The group has therefore adopted a plastic-free policy, equipping its vehicles and work environments with refrigerated dispensers, using paper cups and providing its employees with personalized, long-lasting aluminium bottles.




Kilometres of cables and consumables are used in the construction of mobile vehicles and other systems. In addition, a large number of highly specialised and fragile electronic equipment is integrated. 

The material is then supplied to us in often bulky packages, consisting of plastic, cardboard, wood and metal. 

The installation operations produce a lot of waste material, which is carefully separated before disposal, to allow a subsequent recycling of maximum efficiency.

Our employees and partners are encouraged to adopt the group’s sustainability policies and made aware of the positive impact that even small actions can have in the general framework, adopting simple and good habits.


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