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FSC is proud to present the new product FSC 737NG Yoke Wheel.

It represents the ultimate expression of strength of the new FSC Production Division: FSC MECHANICS.


PRODUCT PAGES>>  FSC 737NG Yoke Wheel Captain   SKU: 194713

                             FSC 737NG Yoke Wheel F/O         SKU: 194714





It is the perfect replica of the original B737 Control Wheel (Yoke) as shown on the pictures.
It is equipped with double acting Trim Switch as the original one.
It has high endurance OTTO PTT (push to talk) and disconnect AP buttons, like the one used in the "real-aviation" yoke, designed for 1,000,000 cycles.
The buttons are obviously functioning and connected with multipolar connectors.
The 737NG Yoke Wheel is made from a single Aluminium alloy melt therefore it presents no assembly related issues.
The powder coating offers maximum protection, unique shine and a very realistic feeling.




The self-locking unit grants reliability to intensive use, an easy installation on the Yoke shaft (on the new model the diameter is 15mm).
Maintenance required is reduced to near zero thanks to the high traction between locking unit and shaft, that also eliminates any play and backlash.
This component is mounted on the new version of the 737NG Yoke Dual Linked (SKU 219914). 




The product is sold with commercial license included granting use in all fields of application, even for commercial or training purposes.
With this royalty-free license there will be no restriction in the use of the product in regards of time, geographical location, type of industry, business environment...
Available for both Captain and First Officer Side.





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