- From 1 December 2021, FSC products will be affected by an increase in the price to the public, due to higher raw material costs on the market. -

FSC MECHANICS - production division


FSC has been involved for many years in the flight simulation market and has decided to present to its faithful customers "FSC MECHANICS": the new Production Division. 
The objective that pushed FSC to invest in this sector, with corporate resources, equipments and a greater training of its staff, is offering to the Flight Simulators market the know-how acquired over the years, through a series of projects studied into detail and successfully implemented over the time. 

The goal of FSC MECHANICS is always to produce exclusive equipments with a very high level of quality in order to create faithful replicas of the originals. Now, with this new responsibility, FSC targets a wider pool of customers: FSC will address not only flight simulation enthusiasts, but also to cockpit manufacturers, offering professional products at competitive prices. 
The production is therefore developing to a further industrial level, and FSC will be able to realize new articles also on behalf of third parties, building on technical drawings or projects.


Every FSC product is sold with commercial license included granting use in all fields of application, even for commercial or training purposes. With this royalty-free license there will be no restriction in the use of the product in regards of time, geographical location, type of industry, business environment...
In line with this commitment of FSC, the Flight Simulators market will benefit having professional tools at its disposal, already integrated with the interfaces of multiple connections and drivers ready to use for simple installations by the end users. When a customer buys a FSC MECHANICS product, they do not buy only an object but they will receive sensations, emotions that last.
Some items are already available, carried out by the first productions of FSC MECHANICS. These items will be the beginning of a wider of B737 / A320 range of products.
We recommend the following products: A320 Sidestick PRO, A320 Sidestick Handle, 737 Dual Yoke Passive, 737 Steering Tiller e 737 Yoke Wheel...

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