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FSC at Liberamente 2022 with the MTGS


FSC at Liberamente 2022 with the MTGS General Aviation simulator


FSC took part in the 16th edition of Liberamente, the Salon of leisure, entertainment, sport and outdoor life at BolognaFiere on April 1,2,3 2022, by providing the General Aviation simulator model MTGS. The MTGS “Multi Type General-Aviation Simulator” is a complete training station, ideal to become familiar with VFR and Glass Cockpit, which allows a great versatility and customization, allowing to simulate innumerable models of single-engine or multi-engine planes.


The Pavullo Aero Club collaborated with FSC to take part in this event which attracted many personalities in the world of Aviation and Sport, as Pesenato Andea, an acrobatic free style champion pilot in 2021 (fourth left in photo), and the president of CONI Emilia Romagna, Dott. Dondi Andrea (first left in the photo).


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