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M.A.S. Multipoint Audio System

The M.A.S. Multipoint Audio System, is engineered in FSC laboratories to provide, through a dedicated audio server, a professional PowerMatch® BOSE PM8250 CLASS D digital amplifier and a BOSE Acoustimass subwoofer and satellites direct/reflecting patented multiple system, a sound simulation experience at the highest level.
FSC B737 MAS AUDIO SYSTEM SERVER The professional BOSE PM8250 amplifier and the dedicated audio server.



Rather than adopting a traditional 5.1 surround approach, in the FSC MAS system, multi-channel audio is generated via 8 high-quality BOSE satellite speakers, extremely compact in size and placed in strategic points of the cockpit, together with 2 Bose Acoustimass subwoofers, implemented in the very structure, and managed independently. For example, while the external noise of the engines is diffused from the side speakers and the subwoofer placed under the pedestal, the announcements are reproduced from speakers placed in the same position as those present in a real B737NG cockpit. Similarly, the effects related to the instrumentation of the MIP are reproduced from the speakers actually positioned within the same, thus ensuring an accurate spatial localization and improving the quality of the simulation and the training itself.



FSC B737 MAS AUDIO SYSTEM BOSE SPEAKERS Some of the BOSE speakers from M.A.S. audio system

The end result is maximum audio fidelity and impact compared to traditional systems.
Moreover, the adoption of PowerMatch BOSE® PM8250 the amplifier allows full integration with our network through remote control panel AOP, with which you can easily operate Multipoint Audio System main functions. For complete control of all functions, however, it is possible to operate the KVM console.


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