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ATC educational simulator

FSC is pleased to announce the first implementation of the new air traffic control and flight simulator.

The first customized installation has been designed for the new laboratory for the management of the aircraft of the Istituto Tecnico Statale G. Marconi in Padua.

The system consists of a semicircular desk that houses the terminals for ATC instruments, IP telephones and radios for communications, a structure behind that houses a visual system comprising 4K monitors that offer a detailed 180 ° view from the control tower, and 4 versatile flight simulator stations.

Everything is perfectly interconnected and synchronized in real time.
A careful hardware and software optimization of the servers that control the system, has also allowed to reduce the number of machines used, while maintaining excellent performance in terms of graphics, responsiveness and accurate synchronization between the various subsections.

The simulator will soon be available on the FSC website.


The new ATC educational simulator


The ATC simulator desk with 180° view from the control tower.


The students of ITS Marconi testing Flight Simulators workstations at our headquarter


The instructor provides students with instructions for approach and landing by radio.


(Highlighted by the red circle) Thanks to the 4K resolution, the aircraft is easily visible even from long distances.


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