A.E.S. Airport Educational Simulator

FSC is proud to present the A.E.S.

This new and innovative idea of intelligent entertainment, at a high educational level, provides the perfect mean to further enhance the impact with the public by offering an even more complete experience not only for the flying guests, but also for all waiting customers and standby spectators.



The core of the AES is a fully functioning B737 turnkey, complete of instruments and realistic components, designed and built for intensive use. Each machine is assembled and thoroughly tested in factory to meet our high standards of reliability and it is capable of operating for over 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, without even reaching its full potential.


AES - the new 4K version.
AES - 2 seats, white edition.
The B737NG cockpit.
The AOP lets you have all main AES functions at your fingertips.
AES - 2 seats, black edition. One of the several colours available.
AES - Also available with 4seats and extended lateral view.

The cockpit features the most realistic features available, such as the Dynamic Control Loading, the Multipoint Audio System and a High Definition visual system including customized photorealistic sceneries, but what further distinguish the AES from any other simulator turnkey, is the presence of unique functions and features for an easier and faster management of the system and a more complete experience that goes even beyond the flight itself.


Bose speakers used in multipoint audio system (M.A.S.)
The pro BOSE multichannel audio amplifier and the audio server.

Through a dedicated Booking System each customer will begin his experience even before entering the cockpit: two “flip board” monitors will show all flights of the day, each with its own livery and time, constantly updating their status (booked, available, boarding, landed…); while a wireless tablet, with a specifically designed graphic interface, will enable each guest to book a flight available and the real Boarding Pass printer will provide a confirmation “ticket”.

Each ticket is further customizable on the front layout with the operator’s logo and colors, and the back can be used for useful informations to the customer or even for advertising sponsors.
This simple system will contribute in creating the environment and atmosphere of a real flight as well as provide an elegant way to avoid chaotic queues with a stylish token and reminder of the experience.

Moreover, an online booking service, optimized for mobile devices, is also available for AES customers and guests.




AES - Self-Updating Flipboards show accurate flight statuses
Booking with the integrated tablet
The boarding pass is immediately available
Perfect thermal printed boarding passes
Customizable with info and advertising

To further involve all spectators and waiting guests three monitors are synchronized with the current flight and will show and follow the aircraft from an external point of view.
The result is a breathtaking panoramic scenery that will capture the attention of all standby and passing by guests.

2SEATS - dimensions - ZOOMABLE IMAGE


4SEATS - dimensions - ZOOMABLE IMAGE




Given the high realism of this system, we suggest to provide a trained supervision to all guests; for this purpose our Headquarters offer a very efficient training room, where our staff can provide operative training to develop various skills and a basic technical knowledge to the operators of the AES.

Our Training Team
The Training Room @FSC Headquarters
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