ESA's Astronaut Paolo Nespoli on the B737NG sim.




FSC recently hosted in its spaces the TV production of an episode of Space TV's "Space 737".
Space TV is a new television channel dedicated to scientific issues like Space, Flight and Environment.

The episode featured an in-flight interview, shoot with multiple cameras from the cockpit of the B737NG simulator, hosted by Roberto Ciufoli, with ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli.

Employing one of the B737NG demo units in our showroom and ONE-TV's OB10 Outside broadcast truck, the production logistics have been greatly helped.

FSC makes available free of charge its unique locations and its B737NG simulators (projection and monitor types), the FULL MOTION 6DOF simulator and the new MTHS Multi Type Helicopter Simulator for  TV production, advertising purposes, photo shooting and more.

In addition, thanks to its subsidiary ONE TV, you can rent the OB10 truck, which is a Full HD/24 cameras/Dolby Surround unit suitable  for all kind of productions.


The B737NG cockpit
The projection B737NG.
The inside of the projection B737NG can easily accommodate cameras and lights.
The 6DOF Full Motion
The new MTHS Multi Type Helicopter Simulator
One of our demo rooms.
Our training room
The Tunnel
The reception
The city.
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