- From 1 December 2021, FSC products will be affected by an increase in the price to the public, due to higher raw material costs on the market. -

The new Flight Simulation Center by FSC in Padua


The new FSC factory showroom opens to the public.


Have you always dreamed of being able to fly an airliner or a tourist plane?
Now, thanks to the FSC flight simulation center, you can do it!
In the new DEMO room you will find incredibly realistic simulators, like those used by professional pilots, where you can live an exciting flight simulation experience without comparison!
FSC's offer in the field of simulation is really wide and customizable according to the customer's needs.
FSC, once the user's expectations are understood, is able to suggest the best flight experience, from a single flight session to planning a complete course.
Here you will find the link to the public price list.>>>LISTINO PREZZI
Contact us for customized solutions, by email or via the footer contacts. >>>

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