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Integration of Prepar3D with X-Plane 11 visual

Prepar3D has many difficulties to manage the multi-visual on a Network (with multiple PCs).
This is the solution that FSC proposes for those who purchase Turnkey simulators, which allows to use P3D with their preferred advanced Avionics system and preferred flight model, thus driving the external multi-PC view on the Xplane 11 network.
This means having the graphics, the realism, but especially the great efficiency of Xplane 11 with the products and planes of P3D.
These are the possible combinations:
For 737NG simulators:
P3D V4.5 Professional with Project Magenta on the server + Xplane 11 multiscreen for sceneries.
P3D V4.5 Professional with Prosim on server + Xplane 11 multiscreen for sceneries.
Both versions can have the PRO version with the E-QTG software for certification.
For General Aviation (MTGS330, MTGS332):
P3D V4.5 Professional with Flight1 Student Pro on server + Xplane 11 multiscreen for sceneries.
P3D V3.4 with Mindstar Aviation G1000 + Xplane 11 multiscreen for sceneries.
The features:
Perfect screen synchronization, with no glitches or inaccuracies, even with 4K screens/projectors.
Time and date synchronization.
Weather Synchronization.
Adjustable height from the ground, and self-adaptive on each runway / airport, so there is no need to create a common database of sceneries.
Synchronization of cloudy formations, to take advantage of the weather radar.
Synchronization of all aircraft lights.
For those who love the external view, synchronization of all mobile surfaces (flaps, ailerons, Rudder, trolleys, spoilers, reverse sleeves, etc..).
Full integration of the multiplayer (so you see the planes of others, and you activate the TCAS - Traffic collision avoidance system).
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