New A320 replica product line
FSC is proud to announce the imminent availability of an A320 replica product line, entirely engineered and built by FSC.
FSC acquired a real A320 cockpit, and re-engineered several components, with the purpose of manufacturing perfect replicas of the original ones, with great attention to funcionality, feeling and reliability during intense use.
The A320 product line, introduced with the A320-MCDU COD:208101, is rapidly expanding, and will soon include an A320 turnkey cockpit.
We are refining several protoypes and the final production of the following products has begun:
  • A320 Motorized Throttle with start engine section (compatible with original A320 Pedestal insertion)
  • A320 Sidestick Captain with Control Loading
  • A320 Sidestick First Off with Control Loading
  • A320 Sidestick Captain and First Officier Passive Feedback (Not Motorized)
  • A320 Captain and First Officer Box for Sidestick and Tiller
  • A320 Captain and First Officer Tiller with constant-linear Force feedback
  • A320 Floorstand with Motorized Control loading and Dual Linked Rudder pedals

…and many more.


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